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The Lawrence difference

At Lawrence, we’re all about relationships and creating value.

Lawrence is synonymous with results focused accounting, but do you know that the team is equipped to help you manage every aspect of your financial world? Lawrence brings together the brightest minds in Finance under one roof, a place where accounting rubs shoulders with lending, financial planning, bookkeeping and business advisory.

We believe you need to see the bigger financial picture, after all, your finances don’t sit separately in life, so why would you view them in isolation in business? When your trusted advisors collaborate, cooperate and communicate, you achieve more!

When you hire an accounting firm, you are hiring a business partner. In fact, one of the things our clients love about Lawrence Accountants is their willingness to roll-up their sleeves and work alongside them at the coalface of their business.

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What our clients say

Here's how
Paul puts it:

You know they get it.

We’ve used accountants and financial Planners before and we’ve been disappointed with the results. But with the team from Lawrence you know as soon as you meet them that they get it.
You can’t separate personal and business, they’re connected and that’s why they look after all of our finances - Brent for our Super and Reegan for Accounting and Advisory. Business decisions are made on the run and I don’t make any decisions without consulting Brent or Reegan first.

Paul O’Keeffe, Fitzroy Crossing Busses

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Who else wants to grow their business?

Our goal is to help each and every one of our clients achieve growth and success. To make this happen we cultivate responsive working relationships with our clients based on open communication, diligence and common purpose.

As your accountant we do more than crunch numbers. You can count on us for leadership, direction and facts you can trust.

In fact, many of our clients don’t make strategic business decisions without running them past one of us. Why? Because they consider us an external CFO, a part of their team who’s only a phone call away.

When your key advisors are spread across different service providers, your business is carved up into separate pieces. Imagine if your decisions were guided by a team who worked together. A team under one roof, who bounce ideas around, discuss problems and find solutions working as one to deliver results for you.

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Latest from Lawrence

September 20, 2018

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September 13, 2018

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August 24, 2018

Are your tax debts being managed effectively?

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has been given authority by the Government to disclose to credit reporting agencies the details of tax debts of businesses that

Our service promises

  • Individualised service – you’re never just a number to us.
  • Trusted advice – trust us to trouble shoot and problem solve.
  • Plain English – Australia’s tax laws are complicated enough, so we keep our advice simple, clear and relevant.
  • Responsive – all the professional expertise your business demands delivered with an easy-going attitude.
  • No hidden costs –a fixed price is provided upfront so there are no hidden surprises.
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Do you want a responsive, agile team who take the lead and drive results?

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We believe like attracts like - that’s why we work with industry leaders, ambitious entrepreneurs and savvy investors.

Here’s who we help:

Busy business owners who are looking to the future.
Why? Because you want to streamline your business and personal finances in one place to save time and money.

Pre-retirees looking for control over their Super.
Why? Because the next milestone is in sight and you want to control the way your money grows.

Street smart entrepreneurs accumulating wealth.
Why? Because with your street smarts you’re going places fast and want an ambitious team on your side.

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