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At Lawrence, we’re proud of the Perth business people we work with and have longstanding relationships with many of our clients.

“We had a good business, but to be honest we were all over the place financially. We never seemed to have any money, always chasing our tails, loans and tax debt in disarray. Then, two years ago, we sat down with our Cashflow & Business Coach at Lawrence and he’s really nailed it. We’ve got money in the bank, we’ve paid off debt, our tax affairs are in order again … I tell you, those monthly meetings have changed our lives completely, and taken a huge weight off our shoulders.” Grant Williams, horse trainer.

Regarding working with his accountant at Lawrence and using the recommended accounting software ‘Xero’:
“I recommend this to anyone in business. We were struggling to understand where our costs were, how to even out cashflow and keep tabs on debt and on-going tax liabilities … now we’re much tighter on costs, it’s a really good way of keeping your finger on the pulse of your business.” Rob Tomlinson, Regency Foods, Spearwood WA

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