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We help business owners who are leasing and want to buy, or they have already bought and want to expand.

Buying and owning commercial property is a whole different ball game from residential. There are different rules, different risks, different rewards, different lenders, different loans.

  • How much equity (or other security) is required?
  • What interest rate will you be paying?
  • What are the loan terms you can get?
  • Does the target property meet your growth needs?
  • Is it for your use or investment? (Different purpose, different rules)

Now, we love banks, and we deal with lots of them. But the banks are changing and the person you might deal with at your bank for your home loan may well not have the experience in a specialised area such as Commercial lending.

Every day our loans team organises commercial loans for clients and we know how to get the best deal.

Before you even think about signing up for a commercial property purchase, speak to our commercial loans specialists.

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