You’re living the dream with two incomes, a couple of nice cars and annual holidays overseas. There’s plenty to love about that lifestyle!

Life is currently running smoothly but it all depends on maintaining two incomes and continuing with no major obligations or interruptions. That might not last forever.

Are you just going to keep living the dream, with your fingers crossed? Or are you going to make some plans for when your circumstances do change? Did we mention kids? Or one of your incomes stopping?

So, put the latte down and listen up. The good times can keep rolling, even while you keep one eye on the horizon. But that’s hard to do by yourself, while lying on the beach at the Bahamas with a cocktail.

With a few months of creative, individual coaching from one of our specialist financial planners, you can look forward to continuing the ‘good life’ at the same time as having a clear vision of your financial position when the ‘music stops’.

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