You’re reasonably well established and living in your own home. You might have a young family, and you might be starting to think about expanding your horizons.

Plans like these can mean growing your wealth, investing ‘outside the square’, perhaps buying an investment property, doing something with shares, or paying down more debt.

It’s called ‘accumulating’. And there are ways of accelerating that, using a combination of tax planning, investment strategies in shares, superannuation, property and more, as well as the clever use of finance and debt reduction.

It’s also about protecting what you’re growing, as you grow it. That means the right kind of insurances, reviewed frequently as your circumstances change.

All of this can be like trying to herd cats, unless you have a coach and advisor who knows what they’re doing.

Bye Bye Kids!

The kids are finally out on their own (If so, send them this link to Starting Out!) You’re established in business or you’re a key staff member, and you want to make the next few years really count.

It’s time to do some serious analysis of exactly where you are at in terms of growth, income, and potential for maximising wealth over the next 10, 15 or 20 years.

You’ve probably already accumulated a decent super fund. You might even already have an investment property or two. Perhaps a share portfolio outside of super. But it’s all been a bit ad hoc along the way, and it’s about time to start tying it all together in a cohesive strategy, right?

You’ll be surprised, and even delighted, at what we can achieve with some serious planning armed with your current assets, incomes, liabilities.

If you’re unsure, need some clarity around what your next move should be, pick up the phone, call our Financial Planners on (08) 9433 3288 or drop us an email.

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