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If you’re thinking of investing in property be smart, not emotional. Investing in property is not just about your heart and your dream home – it’s about making a smart financial decision for your future.

Perhaps you’ve been to a seminar, swooned over those glossy new apartments they’re trying to sell off the plan. Or, you’re at a barbecue and slightly green with envy at the guy talking about his 5 investment properties (little do you know he’s got virtually no equity across all five!)

Or, you’ve seen that run-down cottage called a ‘renovator’s delight’ and you can see yourself making a pretty penny with a lick of paint and a new kitchen.

Be careful because if it was really that easy, everybody would be doing it and making a fortune.

The fact is, it’s not the property that matters so much, it’s the borrowing structure and the devil is in the detail of the purchase contract.

You need expert guidance and the right advice to suit your circumstances:

  • Have you sought tax advice?
  • Are you looking for growth, or income from the investment?
  • Have you been swayed by your FIFO mate about that ‘negative gearing’ myth?
  • Is your target property over or under-valued?
  • Do you understand the true value of the asset?
  • Are you going to manage it yourself or outsource it?
  • Have you budgeted for maintenance, insurance, vacancies?

Can you see where we’re coming from? Before you sign on the dotted line, just take a breath, pick up the phone and call Lawrence on (08) 6263 9911 or email us and just make sure your making the best decision possible


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