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At Lawrence, we charge a low fixed price which we quote upfront for the preparation and lodgement of all standard tax returns. If you require a face to face meeting with one of our Accountants then this will be an additional $100.00 charge so it is therefore a lot cheaper if you either email or mail in your financial details (as per our checklist).

If you have investment properties, capital gains or losses, share or managed fund investments or extensive work related deductions, we will charge an additional fee for the extra work involved in preparing your tax return. However, to ensure there are no surprises, we will always provide you with a personalised fixed price quote before we get started.

 And to make it easy for you to pay our account, we offer 3 convenient options. You can either pay us by direct deposit into our bank account, by providing us with your Credit Card details or we can even deduct our fees directly from your tax refund (there is an additional $25 administration fee if you choose this option).

 For a no obligation free quote please either call us on (08) 9433 3288 or email us using the “Contact Us” section to the right of this page.

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