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Learn our processes in 5 easy steps.

To ensure that your tax return is submitted correctly and to ensure you receive the best refund possible, the Lawrence Team have developed a simple and easy process for every single tax return, to ensure that the entire process is easily followed in the most efficient and transparent manner.

Step 1: We ensure your personal details are correct

If you are new to Lawrence, we are here to help you get started. As a first step, all you have to do is simply complete our New Client Form at the bottom of this page, which asks for the basic information, which is required to welcome you on board as our new client. Once you complete this form and return it back to us, we will then notify the Tax Office that you are now a new client of Lawrence.

Further, if you already share bond with us as an existing client, we will email you a short and quick update form, every year during the tax time. This form contains your information as provided initially by you and maintained in our system. We would want you to update us, if there are any changes required.

Step 2: Preparation of your tax checklist

We then make contact with the Tax Office, to double check what information they already have about your income for the year. It may include PAYG payment summaries as provided by your employer along with any interest or investment income, that you may have earned during the year.

We then use this information along with our expert understanding of deductions that are usually allowed to prepare your Tax Checklist. This checklist will highlight some questions that are of most relevance to you and may even lead you to claim things, which you had never thought of before. All you are required to do with the checklist is to recall and record all your income and expenses for the year and then email it back to us.

To ensure the clarity of our process, in case, if you had not been able to understand the mechanism or have any questions regarding our process, we encourage you to write them down in your checklist and one of our members from the Lawrence Team will get in touch with you.

Step 3: Your electronic tax return is on the go

As soon as we receive all the necessary information from your end, our team of specialists will then prepare your Tax Return.

Your tax return is then reviewed by a Senior Tax Agent to ensure all details and calculations are correct and we achieve the highest standard of quality assurance for your return.

This process is normally completed within five business days, providing all required information and details are correctly received by you.

STEP 4: Online signature for your tax return

Your tax return is completed and loaded up into our Lawrence Wealth Hub section of our website and you are then sent a notification that your tax return is ready for signing. All you need to do is log into your Lawrence Wealth Hub account and follow the prompts to simply action an electronic signature on your return. We are then notified of your signature and we are then able to lodge the return on your behalf.

As part of the above process we will simultaneously send you our invoice for the preparation and lodgement of your tax return. You can make payment to us by directly depositing into our bank account or you can also choose to provide us with your credit card details. To make it easier for you, we can also deduct our fees directly from your Tax Refund, once it arrives from the Tax Office, however an additional charge of $25 is applicable for this option. As soon as we receive the online confirmation that your tax return is signed and your account is paid with us, we will immediately lodge your Tax Return with the Tax Office.

STEP 5: Get your refund paid straight into your bank account

As a result of the ease of the electronic lodgement process, you should not have to wait any longer than a few weeks for the Tax Office to process your assessment. If you choose to have your refund paid directly into your bank account, the process could be speedier and you might not have to wait that long.

Lawrence should then receive a Notice of Assessment from the Tax Office which we will then cross check all details to ensure that it is accurate and subsequently our team will send you a copy via the Lawrence Wealth Hub site.

If you have any queries on our process, or if you need our help on anything related to your Tax Return, please feel free to reach us via phone on (08) 9433 3288 or email on tax@lawrencegroup.net.au.

We are more than happy to assist you any way we can.

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