Retirement starts way before you actually hang up the tools. The earlier you start considering your retirement and the lifestyle you want to enjoy, the better it’ll be. What are you waiting for…


It’s so close you can smell it.

You might already be starting to plan the ‘Big Lap’.

Have you started eyeing off that shiny Landcruiser and caravan? Are there cruise ship brochures lying around your kitchen bench?

So the big question is, how much will you need to live comfortably in retirement, and whatever figure it is, are you going to make it?

That takes some specialised knowledge of the tax system, annuities, superannuation, Centrelink and a dozen other variables.

Working with one of our specialised planners and retirement experts, you’ll have a very good, clear idea of exactly where you stand, what your future in retirement looks like, and what actions you can take today to improve your tomorrow.


You’re enjoying the fruits of a long working life. But life didn’t stop when you got the gold watch.

There’s still a lot of years ahead, all of them need financial management to protect what you’ve worked hard for. It can take some juggling. And the rules keep changing. What to do with excess money, if there is any? What discounts can you get? What can you get through Centrelink? What do you get with a Pensioner Concession Card?

Staying on track, with peace of mind, isn’t all that hard to do. All you need to do is pick up the phone and talk to the Lawrence Financial Planning team on (08) 9433 3288 or email us at

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