Tax Return Checklist

When submitting your tax return with the Australian Tax Return Office it is best to get a checklist to guide you.

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Items to consider are:

❏ Payment summaries

❏ Job Termination Payment Summaries or Lump Sum Payments

❏ Any statements of payment from the Government, if received

❏ Interest earned from funds in banks and building societies

❏ Dividend statements for dividends received or reinvested

❏ Annual Tax Statements from Managed Funds

Other income:

❏  Rent payment received ( whether house or for any hard asset)

❏ Business

❏ Income from a foreign source

❏ Capital gains

❏ Employee share schemes

The next important thing to concern your checklist is your work related expenses. Anything that can reduce your cash flow or lower your asset value based on work related expenses. These are summarised in Deductions and expenses as follows:

❏ Work related expenses (what you spend on to get your work done):

❏ Motor vehicle

❏  Travel (fares and accommodation)

❏ Uniforms/work-wear

❏ Professional development courses/classes

❏ Union payment, registrations, tools, subscriptions, memberships

❏ Home office related expenses

❏ Telephone, computer, internet

❏ Any other costs incurred earning income

❏ Donations to charities or funds

❏ Income protection insurance

Finally there are refunds and offsets. This includes insurance payments, PAYG installments and your spouse. The list is as follows:

❏ Health insurance and rebate entitlement statement

❏ IAS statements and PAYG installments paid

❏ Spouse details and income

Please ensure that when coming in for an appointment or when sending in your information that you provide your bank account details and also a copy of your I.D.

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