Xero & MYOB

Our people know technology and we can help your business benefit. Taking business and financial functions into the cloud has huge advantages and we’d like to introduce them to you.


If you haven’t heard of Xero before, then you can look forward to being enlightened. Xero is a cloud-based Accounting and Bookkeeping platform. What that means is that all sorts of everyday business financial functions are on the internet, in the cloud.

For your business, that means you can access data and perform tasks from anywhere, from any mobile device.

Think about that for a moment……It means your efficiencies can be dramatically improved in all sorts of ways.

Speak to the people we have at Lawrence who know Xero well and understand exactly how to leverage the platform for your business.


Most people have heard of MYOB because this financial system has been around for a long time, however MYOB has changed radically in the past few years and now offers best-practice cloud based services and features to make life easier for business owners.

It now has remote access and the ability to run the financials of your business from anywhere.

We have people who understand MYOB very well indeed, so come and have a chat to them about it.

The platform you choose to work with is simply down to personal preference and it’s worth taking a close look at both options.

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